Translators! Remember to Reply!

With COVID-19 lockdown in many areas around the world, many businesses are slowing down and translators are looking into their own professional development opportunities.  But hey! Remember that during this quiet time, you can dig into your forgotten e-mails and rediscover the treasure!

What treasure am I talking about here? Revisers! I noticed that several professional translators emailed me their resumes a few months ago to offer their services, which automatically increased my appetite for more work!

You might be approached by revisers and linguists who offer helping you with reviewing your work if you are translating into your B language. If you’re running a business, professionals might suggest helping you with expanding your language pairs by adding new language pairs to your portfolio! You can outsource them for the projects that you can’t work on, while making sure that their work is being reviewed by another reviser you trust.

Now is the right time to closely monitor your e-mail box and start replying! Check those professionals who request your LinkedIn connections or share their CVs with you.  I personally wasn’t shy to respond to several professional translators who got lost in my inbox folder.  I was happy to hear back from them and now we are brainstorming on collaborative work! May be now is your chance to create a new collaborative team!