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English <> Arabic

About: I'm certified by the Arab Professional Translators Society and I'm a member of the American Translators Association. I obtained the Diploma in Translation from the Chartered Institute of Linguists (CIOL), U.K. in 2012. My clients hail from different backgrounds and request various translation services ranging from politics and law to general science and commerce. Over the past ten years, I translated large foreign policy and government reports, and provided consecutive interpretation to government representatives and international envoys to the Middle East.

Languages: Arabic - English

Specialist fields: My extensive study in the field of translation strategies, English linguistics, and Arabic grammar ensure accurate and professional translation services. My clients hail from different backgrounds and request various translation services including technical translation (medical, scientific), financial translation, and legal translation (notaries, court reports, and contracts).

Qualification: Diploma in Translation from the Chartered Institute of Linguists (CIOL), U.K.in 2012.

Services/Portfolio: Translation and proofreading


Japanese > Arabic

About: For the past ten years, I have been a lead interpreter during Arab and local events that reflect the rich and multi-faceted Japanese culture, including Japanese speech contests, receptions of renowned manga and anime creators, and high-level Japanese politicians and officials.

Languages: Arabic - Japanese

Specialist fields: Specialized in culture, travel, and tourism texts and I'm a highly experienced and articulate interpreter, with rich background in writing for the Arab and local media as well.

Qualification: BA of Languages from the Faculty of Alsun- Egypt with a major in the Japanese Language.

Services/Portfolio: Translation and proofreading


Italian <> Arabic

About: I'm a native Italian translator with Arab- Mediterranean roots! I have mangaed projects related to fascinating Arabic and Italian texts that reflect Middle-Eastern culture, religion, and historical studies. An essential part of my translation work is heavily involved in translating cultural books, research studies on history and religion, in addition to cultural writings for the young generation.

Languages: Arabic - Italian

Specialist fields: Specialized in civilization and culture.

Qualification: BA of Greek and Roman studies - Faculty of Arts, Alexandria.

Services/Portfolio: Translation and proofreading


  • Tarjamati has been a reliable translator for Translators without Borders since May 2016. Tarjamati's work has always been on time and they are very responsive and willing to help even for last minute translations.

    Translators without Borders

  • Tarjamati delivered excellent job on translating inspiring interviews to our Pan-Arab audience.

    Manar Sabri, Al-Yaqza

  • Trusted and accurate, Tarjamati translations reflect substantial knowledge of various topics.

    Jameel Karaki, Journalist and Copywriter

  • Tarjamati is ideal for translating business-related news articles. The translation shows excellent command of technical language that is very relevant to business-savvy audiences.

    Ahmed Bou Merhi, Media Expert (TV and Newspapers)

  • I highly recommend Tarjamati for translating journalistic trade and investment reports. The use of technical language reflects strong specialization, excellent quality, and high work standards.

    Abdullah Al-Enezi, Journalist

  • Thank you for continuously working with us. As always, your translation is just perfect, as required. Thank you.

    Anas Essam Wali, Media Research Analyst, Ipsos