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More than 10 Language Combinations

Our team of experienced translators provides professional translation and proofreading services to diverse communities in the Middle East, Europe, North America, and the Far East. We cover more than ten language pairs that support growing businesses, strong manufacturers, cultural envoys, style icons, and education experts.

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Arabic language

Arabic is a widely spoken language. It is a native language in all 22 countries making up the Arab League and has large numbers of native speaking minorities in Africa. It is a Semitic language closely related to Hebrew, although the two are not mutually intelligible in either written or spoken form.

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English language

English is the third largest native language and the most learned second language in the world. It is an official language in many countries and an official language of the UN. It is from the West Germanic language group (which includes Dutch and German) with important influences from other languages including French, Latin and Greek.

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Japanese language

Japanese is spoken by over 125 million people around the world. Japanese is often called a language isolate as it has no genetic relationship with other languages, although it does borrow heavily from Chinese.

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Italian language

Italian is one of the world's most influential and most taught languages. It is spoken as a first language in many European countries and by minorities in countries including Libya, Somalia and Eritrea. Large expatriate communities exist in the USA and Australia.


  • Tarjamati has been a reliable translator for Translators without Borders since May 2016. Tarjamati's work has always been on time and they are very responsive and willing to help even for last minute translations.

    Translators without Borders

  • Tarjamati delivered excellent job on translating inspiring interviews to our Pan-Arab audience.

    Manar Sabri, Al-Yaqza

  • Trusted and accurate, Tarjamati translations reflect substantial knowledge of various topics.

    Jameel Karaki, Journalist and Copywriter

  • Tarjamati is ideal for translating business-related news articles. The translation shows excellent command of technical language that is very relevant to business-savvy audiences.

    Ahmed Bou Merhi, Media Expert (TV and Newspapers)

  • I highly recommend Tarjamati for translating journalistic trade and investment reports. The use of technical language reflects strong specialization, excellent quality, and high work standards.

    Abdullah Al-Enezi, Journalist

  • Thank you for continuously working with us. As always, your translation is just perfect, as required. Thank you.

    Anas Essam Wali, Media Research Analyst, Ipsos