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Frequently Asked Questions


How can I contact Tarjamati for translation and proofreading services?

All you have to do is click here to get a quote.


How do I know the cost of my translation service?

Your price will depend on your project's volume, technicality, and file format. Take a look here!


When will I receive the translation?

Check our delivery system!


What if I have any comments on the translation?

Upon receipt of the translation, you can review it with Tarjamati within 30 days after receipt for free.


Will my documents and information remain safe during the translation process?

All information related to your project will be confidential and will not be divulged or published by Tarjamati.


How do I Pay?

Upon confirming the quote with Tarjamati, you will receive an invoice in your e-mail account that you provided. We will provide you with a quick and secure link to make your payment by Visa or MasterCard.